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Personal Injury Representation in Jacksonville, NC

After an auto accident or injury on the job, increase your chances of gaining the full compensation you deserve with personal injury representation in Jacksonville, NC. I have been fighting on behalf of personal injury victims for many decades and focus on car, truck, or motorcycle accident injury claims. My focus is on protecting your rights and standing by your side throughout the entire process of your personal injury case. There are no fees to pay unless compensation is awarded.

Types of Personal Injury Cases:

• Auto Accidents

• Motorcycle Accidents
• Slip & Fall

• Dog Bite
• Pedestrian Injury

• Commercial Truck Accident

• Wrongful Death
• Insurance Bad Faith
• Workers Compensation

Do I Really Need A Personal Injury Lawyer?

 It's common to wonder if you should call a lawyer after you've been in an accident. You have a crucial choice to make between hiring an attorney who knows the details of personal injury law in Jacksonville, NC, and taking care of your personal injury case on your own. Many situations warrant the experienced hand of a skilled accident attorney, including:

If You Have Serious Injuries

Serious injuries often require lengthy hospital stays, lost employment time, or long-term health impacts. If your injury takes a similar toll on you, it is best to hire an attorney who knows personal injury law. Because the cost of your medical treatments will likely be high, insurance companies will put up more of a fight against paying the bill, and an attorney can help you negotiate.

If Your Insurance Company Isn’t Cooperating

Suppose your insurance company fails to answer your questions or changes your policy without your knowledge, or denies a claim covered by your policy. In that case, they may be trying to avoid paying you the compensation you deserve. Accident attorneys trained in personal injury law can help you communicate and negotiate with your insurance company.

If There is a Liability Dispute

Sometimes it isn’t clear who is at fault for your accident, especially in accidents involving multiple vehicles or questionable areas like construction zones. Liability disputes can become very complicated very quickly, and our office can help resolve these issues.